Reclaim Water FAQ's

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Why reclaimed water?  
Reclaimed water may be used for irrigation without restriction.  Using reclaimed conserves the City's drinking water supply.  Less fertilizer may be required when irrigating with reclaimed water.  Also, reclaimed water is less expensive than drinking water.

Reclaimed water may be used for:
-Irrigating lawn and landscape
-Filing decorative pond and fountains
-Irrigating fruit trees and gardens containing edible food that will be peeled or cooked, before serving
-Indirectly irrigating the trees and gardens containing edible food that will not be peeled or cooked before serving. Reclaimed water should not meet the edible part of the plant

Reclaimed water may NOT be used for:
-Filling swimming pools and hot tubs
-Connecting to a dwelling for toilet
-Flushing or other household use

How can I get reclaimed water service?
Reclaimed water is available to customers who live within the boundaries of the existing reclaimed water service area.  If you are in the service area and have not enrolled in the program, you can sign up by calling (850) 233-5100 and ask for the Water Department.

Why is reclaimed water being offered in some neighborhoods and not others?
Reclaimed water service areas were selected based on their concentration of heavy irrigation and their proximity to the City's Wastewater Treatment Plant and primary reclaimed water main line along Panama City Beach Parkway. New subdivisions in the City are built with the infrastructure for reclaimed water.  The existing subdivisions must be transformed to use reclaimed water. 

May I connect a hose to my reclaimed water?
You may not connect any standard garden hose to reclaimed water.  However, the City offers a special hose package and lock box that is permitted for use with reclaimed water.  You can contact the Water Department at (850) 233-5100, ext. 2411 to purchase a package.

Must I disconnect my irrigation system from my well?
Yes, you must disconnect any irrigation system that is being supplied.