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Portable Hydrant Meter Policy

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Water service from a fire hydrant is provided only to meet needs of a temporary nature, such as construction or similar needs, as approved by the City. The initial term of service is six (6) Portable Hydrant Metermonths, with extensions of three (3) months each.  Extensions must be requested in writing, before the expiration of the current term.

Applicant must submit a written application and pay a $1200 deposit for each portable meter.  Applications are approved subject to the following conditions:

1.  Only the City personnel are authorized to install, relocate, or remove portable meters from fire hydrants.  It is against the law for anyone other than authorized personnel to use unmetered water from a City fire hydrant.

2.  The customer of record is liable for any damages to or theft of the City property and equipment, and as such, agrees to pay all charges in connection with repairing or replacing the City property or equipment.

3.  The City is not responsible for accident or injury caused by unauthorized placement of a portable meter or other appurtenances.

4.  Portable meters may be used for service from hydrants only.  No installations will be made on trucks.  No Private Meters may be installed on the City hydrants.

5.  For portable meters to be used to fill tanks, wet wells or any high hazard area, as determined by the City, the following is required:

  a.  An approved backflow prevention device must be installed at applicant’s expense. Installation
  is subject to the City's inspection and approval. 
  b.  The device shall be tested at the time of installation by a certified backflow prevention device 
  technician.  Water may not be drawn from the installation until the City has received formal written notification that the test indicates the device is operating properly.

6.  All requests for installations, relocation and removals of portable meters must be called in to the City's Water Department.  Installation, relocation and removal request are scheduled within two (2) business days.  When removal of a portable meter is requested, the customer will receive a confirmation number.  Charges for water consumption and meter rental remain in effect until the written request for removal is received and a confirmation number is issued.

7.  A portable meter will be removed without notice when:

            a.  the meter is used, for any reason, as a permanent meter to avoid payment of fees for 
            permanent service, or 
            b.  no water consumption is registered for a period of three (3) consecutive months.              

8.  A deposit refund can be processed when:

            a.  a written removal request is on file and the meter has been removed, and
            b.  payment in full has been received.

Portable Meter Service Fees                                                       Consumption Charges

Deposit                                 $ 1200.00                        Per One Thousand Gallons – Inside City: $3.18

Installation                           $    50.00                         Per One Thousand Gallons – Outside City: $3.97

Removal                               $    50.00

Relocation                            $    50.00

Meter Rental, per day         $     1.00


For any inquiries regarding portable meters, including relocation and pick-ups, please contact us at (850) 233-5100 ext. 2420 or visit our our office, 116 S. Arnold Road Panama City Beach, FL  32413. 

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