Boil Water Information

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What is a Boil Water Notice?
You will receive a written notice at your residence or an announcement from radio or television that a precautionary boil water notice has been issued for your neighborhood.

Precautionary Notices
The Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) and the Bay County Health Department require a precautionary notice after pressure in the water lines drops below a certain level. This is usually caused by a water main break, system maintenance, and/or problems such as a loss of disinfection at the water plant. By comparison, a mandatory notice is rare and far more serious, and its provisions should be strictly followed.

A precautionary notice does not necessarily mean something is wrong with the water. It means that it is possible that contaminants have entered into the system. Thus, customers are advised, as a precautionary measure, to boil tap water for cooking and drinking. 

Treatment Tips
- Boil water for one minute and cool before use. Please follow below tips:
- Allow the water to run until it is clear before washing clothes;
- Avoid contact with cuts or other wounds when bathing.
- Discard any ice from automatic ice-makers.
- Pour water back and forth between two containers a few times to avoid a flat taste from boiling.

Notice Delivery
Precautionary boil water notices are usually issued for 48 hours; until tests show the system is clear of contaminants. If you receive a precautionary boil water notice at your residence, you will also receive a hand-delivered notice when the alert is lifted. If you hear a notice through the media, the lift notice would also be issued through the same media.

Alert Bay Notifications
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