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Water & Wastewater Utilities

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The underground utilities personnel maintain approximately 644 miles of water and sewer lines including water mains, service lines, valves, meters, and fire hydrants, and  install new water mains, fire hydrants and meters. They also maintain 3,450 sewer manholes, 776,437 linear feet of sewer gravity line, 648,465 linear feet of force main, 132 pump stations, meters, and 297,940 linear feet of reclaim main line.

The wastewater treatment facility personnel maintain compliance with the state and federal operating regulations, perform all aspects of sampling and monitoring required to maintain compliance with the federal, state and local regulations governing the wastewater treatment process.  They are responsible for maintaining 132 lift stations, as well.

Bay County supplies water to the Panama City Beach ground storage and pumping facilities.  The City is a wholesale customer of the Bay County system and purchases 100% of water from the County.  The City then provides water to its customers via storage, pumping and transmission systems.  The City does not perform any treatment to the water other than some additional chlorine disinfectant when the levels provided by the County have dropped below the acceptable levels set by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) . 

The City’s potable water personnel are responsible for water pumping, storage and ensuring that the drinking water in Panama City Beach meets strict state and federal regulations and ensuring that there is sufficient pressure and storage to meet domestic and fire fighting needs. 

Citizens can use this service to report a concern related to water quality. Cloudy or discolored water may be due to construction in the area, hydrant flushing or deteriorating internal plumbing. This may be easily resolved within your residence by running the cold water in your bathtub for a minute or two and should cost less than 10 cents in water use to do so. 

The City’s water mains are looped to keep the water in motion at all times to reduce system-related odors. If there is a bad odor, it may be due to stagnation in the hot water heater or a well cross-connection.  Please note that the plumbing in a home may affect the taste of water.

New residents, may need to get use to the "taste" or "flavor" of the in the City water. In fact, water actually does not have a taste. The taste is from dissolved minerals in the water. The source of the water will determine the degree of naturally occurring minerals that can cause slightly different tastes. Surface water may sometimes have a flat, earthy taste instead of the slightly metallic taste typically associated with ground water.