Yard Debris

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Yard debris or yard trash is defined as vegetative matter resulting from landscaping maintenance or land clearing operations and includes materials such as tree and shrub trimmings, grass clippings, palm fronds, trees and tree stumps.

The City collects yard debris from residential neighborhoods only inside the city limits.

The City does not pick up debris from commercial businesses, condominiums or apartment complexes, debris left by the landscape companies or lot clearings. 

Landscape companies must haul their own yard trash and residents are responsible for hauling yard trash created as a result of lot clearings or home renovations.  

*  Grass clippings, leaves and pine cones must be bagged. 

*  Any yard debris placed under power or guide lines, or tree limbs will not be picked up. Please be sure it is also not on power or cable boxes or near fences. 

Panama City Beach hauls its yard trash to Bay County's Steelfield Road Landfill for processing. The Steelfield Road Landfill is a Class 1 landfill and is prohibited by the state from accepting yard trash. Because of this prohibition, the Steelfield Road Landfill operates a yard debris processing area for grounding the debris into mulch. Therefore, the yard debris must be clean and free of foreign objects such as, lumber, fencing, furniture, etc. Because of these restrictions and associated fines, the City does not pick up mixed yard debris. Residents must ensure that "Yard Trash" only includes those items that are not prohibited by the state. Residents must arrange for disposal of all other types of yard debris.  

The City has three trucks and picks up the yard debris approximately every two weeks.  The yard debris hauling frequency is subject to change depending upon the time of the year and vehicle maintenance issues.

*  Please note that the yard debris must be hauled to a proper disposal site and it is prohibited to drop any debris on vacant lots within the City.

Litter and trash are common pollutants.  In addition to degrading water quality as the material degrades or spreads, litter can clog or block stormwater inlets and pipes, which can lead to flooding.  Trash also harms aquatic life and wetland species such as frogs, fish, and birds either through ingestion, degraded water quality, and light reduction. Trash must be placed outside only on the collection day(s) and kept covered at all times. 

Please deposit recyclables trash into recycle bins located behind the Panama City Beach Fire Station located at 17115 Panama City Beach Parkway.

Please do not call the City to schedule a specific time for your debris to be picked up.  The City trucks are making continuous rounds of the beach and will make your pick up as soon as possible.

Yard debris flier


Yard debris is only picked up for residences inside the city limits. Below is a map showing neighborhoods inside the city limits and those in the county.