Residential Driveway Application

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 Residential Driveways

A driveway permit is required for construction of a new driveway, repairing or modifying an existing driveway within the City limits. The permit application must be submitted to the Public Works Department for review and approval. Below is a list of documents and requirement that should include in the permit application:

  • Plans and specifications for the proposed driveway to demonstrate compliance with the City’s Land Development Codes;

  • A permit application fee in the amount of $40 per driveway connection for residential premises consisting of four or less residential units;

  • No driveway connection shall exceed 24 feet in width;

  • Any real property with a front property line distance of under 100 feet will not be allowed to install a double driveway connection (circular driveway) or second driveway;

  • Any ditch that borders any real property will not be allowed to have piping that runs the entire length of the ditch. Pipe can only be installed under the proposed driveway connection. 
  • Or pick one up at the Public Works Department, 116 S. Arnold Road, Panama City Beach, Florida 32413. For more information, please call: 850-233-5054, ext. 2400