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North Glades and Hombre Drainage Improvements

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The City’s stormwater consultant was tasked to analyze different possible scenarios, for the Glades stormwater basin to see if proposed infrastructure improvements could help alleviate some of the flooding for 100 year rainfall events.  The report suggested making a few different improvements which combined would be able to drop flooding levels in those areas where the most damage occurred to residences. One of those recommendations from the report was to widen the channel that the Glades discharges to on the north side of Back Beach Road which then outfalls into West Bay. This ditch runs primarily through St. Joe land which lies within their overall planned Breakfast Point Subdivision.  Along this ditch are many different land designations including conservation easements, mitigation banks, and wetlands (both high and low quality). In September 2017, the City Council approved an agreement with the St. Joe Company for this project. Design was complete March of 2019 and the project was awarded to GCUC May 2019. Construction started June 2019. Completion of this project is anticipated by the end of this year.

 Pictures below of during construction and completion of project. 


Final 1
Final 10
Final 14
Final 15
Final 16
Final 26
Final 22
Final 25
Final 28
Final 6
Final 21
Final 20