Resurfacing Project 2020

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Every year the Public Works Department is tasked with resurfacing roadways within City limits that are in need of repair or showing deterioration from normal traffic wear.  Contracts are awarded to private companies in the late fall and winter for the following year.

With a limited amount of funding, roads in need of treatment must be prioritized. The appropriate treatment must be selected in order to stretch the funding we have to address the maximum amount of roads possible.

To help accomplish this task, Geotechnical Engineers rates pavement conditions every year throughout the city. These conditions are analyzed to determine the best type of treatment to extend the life of each pavement.

Treatments are chosen based on a variety of factors, including the current pavement condition, the ride quality, and the volume of traffic a road carries.
While a road may not look deficient to the casual observer, samples of the roadway under testing can reveal distresses that are concerning to Geotechnical Engineers.

The following roads were selected for repair this FY 2019:

Junipero Avenue

W. Gulf Boulevard

Sea Oats Drive

Bid-A-Wee Court

Bid-A-Wee Lane 

Hibiscus Street

Beth Street

Gulf Side Drive


Cobb Road



Golfside drive