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The Public Works Department provides a multitude of services to residences and businesses in the community. Public Works consists of four different divisions: Engineering, Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA), Stormwater and Streets.


The role of Engineering is to provide technical and logistical support to all City departments and enterprises. Work includes performing or contracting for services such as surveying, engineering design, construction inspection and project administration (including contract and grant management services). Engineering’s primary objective is to upgrade existing public infrastructure, provide new infrastructure improvements consisting of transportation, stormwater and multi-use trail systems, and to regulate development of similar facilities in private ownership projects through an extensive plan review and inspection process. Engineering also strives to maximize right-of-way construction compliance with the City Codes and assist other departments and the public in properly addressing local, state and federal requirements relating to most types of development. 


The Front Beach Road CRA Redevelopment Plan provides a framework for redevelopment of infrastructures within the CRA. The Plan was adopted by the City Council in August 2001.

The Community Redevelopment Plan recommends enhancement of approximately 19.8 miles of existing roadways within the Front Beach Road CRA. Cost elements include various streets widening to three, four or five lanes, enhancing roadway lighting, paving, striping, turn lanes, landscaped medians, roadside landscaping, new signage, hardscape, sidewalks, stormwater drainage systems and ponds and undergrounding of all utilities. Streets within the Redevelopment Area currently identified for improvements include: Front Beach Road, North Thomas Drive, South Thomas Drive, Churchwell Drive, Richard Jackson Boulevard, AIf Coleman Road, Clara Avenue, Nautilus Street, Hill Road, Powell Adams Road, South Arnold Road, Cobb Road, Hutchison Boulevard and Panama City Beach Parkway.


The City’s Stormwater Division maintains and repairs all of the City’s storm drains, road side swales, ditches, retention ponds and beach outfallsStormwater personnel keep drainage pipes cleaned and free from obstructions, as well as repair damaged pipes and structures. Maintenance of the swales, ponds and ditches includes mowing, re-grading and removing overgrown vegetation and sediment build up.  Stormwater outfalls that discharge onto the beach within the City limits are continually inspected and maintained to keep them working effectively and to ensure emergency access remains open.

The stormwater personnel respond to the citizen complaints regarding drainage problems in the City’s roadways and provide guidance to homeowners to help them alleviate poor drainage situations on their properties. They provide field investigations of all stormwater facilities above and underground, performing minor surveys and project layout, minor stormwater redesign and utility coordination.  Personnel also provide driveway and building slab height inspection on new home construction. Various City departments utilize the stormwater department personnel to perform miscellaneous services. These services vary but can be related to City facility drainage repairs, hauling and grading material and assisting with projects for other departments.

The Stormwater Division is part of the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) and in compliance with requirements and has a current Phase II Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4s) permit.

If you observe anyone using the City’s stormwater system for trash disposal or dumping anything that may adversely impact the drainage system, please report this through the City’s website or call (850) 233-5054, ext. 2400. 


The Street Division primarily focuses on maintaining and repairing approximately 74 miles of the City's rights-of-was. Personnel install and maintain City street signs and pavement markings. They make new signs for roadways and for other departments within the City and perform minor street repairs, fix potholes, repair damaged sidewalks and perform grading work on the shoulder of roadways. Street crews are responsible for mowing and picking up litter within many City rights-of-way and stormwater ponds and swales. In addition, they remove trees and other landscaping that obstruct the line of sight of vehicles travelling within the City. The City has a contract with FDOT to pick up litter, edge along sidewalks, mow within FDOT rights-of-way, and maintain the trails along State Road 79.  Street crews remove and haul off yard debris for residents within the City limits. Crews take care of emptying garbage and cleaning up City-owned parking lots. They spray aquatic herbicide to help maintain various city-owned ponds and ditches. Herbicide is also sprayed along various sidewalks, trails and medians.

Various City departments utilize the street department personnel to perform miscellaneous services. These services vary but can be related to City facilities repairs, hauling material and assisting with projects for other departments.  

Information on the yard debris removal service is located here


Kelly Jenkins, Interim Public Works Director
Telephone: 850-233-5054, ext. 2414

Kathy Younce, Engineer
Telephone: 850-233-5054, ext. 2407

Wyatt Rothwell, Engineer
Telephone: 850-233-5054, ext. 2421

Don Churchwell, Field Inspector
Telephone: 850-233-5054, ext. 2306

Joseph Pace, Field Inspector 
Telephone: 850-233-5054, ext. 2326

Janine Thomas, Senior Administrative Support Specialist
Telephone: 850-233-5054, ext. 2400