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                     Welcome to the Dog Park


Come visit our new and improved Dog Park. We now have 2 areas for your pets to play. The " Lazy Dawg Zone" is designed for the older, slower and small dogs & the "Party Dawg Zone" is designed for the high energy large dogs.

The Frank Brown Dog Park is a fenced in off-leash dog playground. We also have more than two miles of dog-friendly green-ways and trails, which serve as the trail-head for Gayle’s Trails. This dog park has benches and two drinking water sources.

Get out there to the park with your pups! Please be aware that you must clean up after your doggie, waste stations are available. Please  be considerate of others  and if your puppy make a mess, pick it up ! There’s always other dogs to play with if your animal gets along with others!
For more information including Rule for the Dog Park please see our website:

Report Concerns to PCB Parks and Recreation Department (850) 233-5045 

Dog Park-FBP

Updated on 01/16/2018 5:32 PM