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Facility Rental Information

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Facility Locations                                  Conservation Park Pavilion

Aaron Bessant Park
Aquatic Center **
Conservation Park
Frank Brown Park Lyndell Conference Center ** Aquatic Center Rules Differ

Types of Rentals

Athletic Tournaments
Birthday Parties
Family Reunions
Special Events
Swim Meets

Application Process

- Review Facility Rental Information
- Complete and return the facility request form (if applicable).
- Complete the Facility Use Agreement and submit with deposit/ payment.
- Please make all checks or money orders payable to the City of Panama City Beach. Payments may also be made by Credit Card: Visa, MasterCard, Discover only.  **
- When scheduling event time, please remember that set-up and clean-up must be conducted and completed within the hours of the contracted rental agreement.
- Reservations are not valid until Facility Use Agreement has been processed by Facilities and Special Events Department.
- You may book up to one (1) year in advance. **
- The City of Panama City Beach Parks & Recreation Department reserves the right to refuse rental or use to groups or individuals who have previously used that facility and left it in poor condition. In the event that the reserved facility is needed for City use or maintenance, the City of Panama City Beach reserves the right to reschedule, relocate, or deny a request previously approved. In this event, the group or individual will be given as much advanced notice as possible.
- All additional fees and copies of insurance (if applicable) are due a minimum of five (5) business days in advance if paid by cash or credit card/ (30) days if paid by check. If final payment is not made by the deadline, event will be cancelled and deposit will be withheld.

- Alcohol is not permitted at Frank Brown Park Community Center, Pavilion, and Aquatic Center.
- Alcohol approval is made by the City Manager on an individual basis. Alcohol Addendum must be completed and submitted to the PCB Parks & Recreation Department.
- All caterers must have a valid business license.
- If serving alcohol, certificate insurance must be provided with the City of Panama City Beach listed as additional insured.
- If selling alcohol, in addition to insurance, the facility user must obtain a permit from the Division of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco. A copy of the permit must be received by the Facilities and Special Events Coordinator at least (5) business days in advance.
- Alcoholic beverages may be neither sold nor served to or by individuals under (21) twenty-one years of age.

Responsibilities of Facility User
- Turn in all paperwork and fees by deadlines.
- Meet with Facility Staff to do a pre-event walk through.
- Conform to all City, State, and Federal rules/laws.
- Control conduct of attendees.
- Be on site and available during the entire duration of the event.
- Meet with Facility Staff to do a post- event walk through.
- Accept the cost of repair to any damage caused to City facility/property.

Miscellaneous Rules and Regulations
- NO storage is permitted either before or after event. All items, including catering and rental supplies must be removed the day of the event. The City of Panama City Beach Parks & Recreation Department accepts no responsibility for any items left behind.
- Children must be supervised at all times and remain in the rented area,
- Nails, tacks, pins, staples, scotch tape, masking tape, or any other items that put holes in or remove paint from the walls or ceilings are prohibited.
- Use of dry rice, birdseed, loose glitter, and confetti is prohibited both inside and outside facilities.
- Smoking is not permitted inside any City building.
- Open flames are not permitted.

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