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Conservation Park Rules

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Conservation Park Rules and Regulations

Please follow these simple rules and please care, share and leave no trace of your visit.

  1. Trails are open daily from sunrise to sunset
  2. The only parking available is provided at the designated parking lot located off Conservation Dr
  3. No motorized vehicles or horses are allowed on the trails.
  4. The City of PCB does not allow discharge of firearms on city property; however, adjacent property owners may allow hunting leases on their land. Please use extreme caution at the Conservation Park outer boundaries during hunting season.
  5. Please help keep the trail, facilities and parking area clean. Do not bury or burn litter
  6. Dogs are permitted, but must be kept on leashes and controlled at all times. No more then 2 dogs per person. Please make sure to clean up after your pets !!
  7. No smoking, campfires or open flames are permitted
  8. No overnight stays or camping within the Conservation Park
  9. Respect wildlife and plants during your visit
  10. Preserve your heritage. Do not remove artifacts from the forest
  11. Pedestrians have the right of way, please yield to others
  12. Stay on trails at all times.

Please note there is no drinking water available on the trails, please supply your own water