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Click on the following link to view the News Herald's February 19, 2014 Article regarding South Arnold Road (State Road 79) and Front Beach Road Segment 3 Improvement Projects:

 February 19, 2014 News Herald Article

Click the following link to view the News Herald's January 11, 2014 Article regarding Front Beach Road Segment 2 Improvement Projects:

 January 11, 2014 News Herald Article

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April, 2011

From party strip to upscale vacation spot, Panama City Beach’s Front Beach Road will evolve into a new era in beachside fun, if locals have anything to say about it.

Front Beach Road is the artery that feeds the heart of tourism in Panama City Beach, and now it is undergoing a procedure that should dramatically improve the health of the vacation town.



The Circuit


7b-Circuit-Jan-2011  January, 2011

The Panama City Beach Community Redevelopment Agency is on its 8th year and well on its way with the 3rd construction project. Both Richards Jackson Boulevard and Churchwell Road & Public Parking Lot are complete with welcome improvements being enjoyed. The Front Beach Road/South Thomas Drive Segment is under construction and currently 50% complete.

News Herald



April 10, 2011

Beach Agency ‘still on full blast’ despite economy.

Panama City Beach – Assistant City Manager Mario Gisbert was in Washington, D.C., recently with other Florida transportation experts trying to wring a few extra federal transportation dollars from lawmakers.

He also was trying to convince federal officials about the importance of road funding for local economic development, attempting to put his finger in a dike where the flow of federal funds is swiftly draining back to Washington.