Code Enforcement

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 Code enforcement groupPictured from left are Code Enforcement Officers Josh Milligan and Lanie Smith and Code Enforcement Manager James Tindle. 

                                                                                                                                                              Code Enforcement is responsible for compliance with various City Ordinances.  Most of the activities involve overgrown vegetation, illegal dumping, abandoned or unregistered vehicles/trailers, deteriorated structures, foreclosed properties, green pools, signs, business licensing, and turtle lighting. 

If you may know of a possible code violation, please click on the Citizen Engagement link below to report.  This is an interactive link between you and our Code Enforcement Officers; therefore you will receive feedback once the possible code violation has been investigated. If prompted for a city code, use Pan01.

Click here to complete Citizen Engagement form.

Click here to view Civil Penalties

Code Enforcement Officers work during regular office hours of 7:30 am - 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday and  occasionally on weekends. 

Contact Information:  850-233-5054
Address: 116 South Arnold Road
Panama City Beach, Florida 32413

James Tindle, Code Enforcement Manager, ext.2317 or email

Josh Milligan, Code Enforcement Officer, ext. 2235 or email

Lanie Smith, Code Enforcement Officer, ext. 2316 or email

Melissa Deese, Code Enforcement Assistant, ext. 2309 or email