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Animal Control

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Animal control services for the City are provided by the Bay County Animal Services Division. These services include transferring and sheltering animals, investigating bite cases and enforcement of animal related City ordinances. The City and Bay County Animal Services do not handle wildlife such as raccoons, possums, alligators, snakes or bats. Below are contact numbers for the specific type of animal issues.  

Bay County Animal Control Dispatch: (850) 784-4005                                                                            Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission:  (888) 404-3922  


  • Doggie Dining

    • Where are the permitted Doggie Dining establishments?

      The approved and permitted Doggie Dining restaurants within the city limits are HOOK'D Pier Bar & Grill, Pier Park Outdoor Dining Area, The Brass Tap and Salty Sue's Restaurant Bar & Grill.  If you are interested in adding your establishment to the Doggie Dining Program please click here for an application.  
  • Feral Cats

    • We have a feral cat problem in our neighborhood, what can I do?

      The City Code Enforcement office may loan you a trap to catch the feral cats.  Once a cat(s) has been trapped contact Bay County Animal Control Office for pick up during normal working hours     
  • Missing Pet

    • How can I find out if Animal Control picked up my pet?

      Call Bay County Shelter or check their website at
    • Is there a leash law in the City limits?

      Yes, there is a leash law in the City limits.  The restraint means being secured by a leash or lead, cord, chain, fence, building or other enclosure so that such animal does not leave the property of the owner.
  • Pet Friendly Areas

    • Where can I take my dog to play and exercise?

      There are three locations within the city limits, Aaron Bessant Park, Frank Brown Park, and the west side of the City Pier at Pier Park.  
  • Priority Calls

    • What is a PRIORITY call that will receive immediate response from Animal Control?

      Priority One Responses:  A stray/owned dogs that have bitten, attacked, or are actually threatening humans and are still roaming the area uncontrolled.  Animal cruelty related calls pertaining to animal(s) currently in serious distress.  Request for assistance from law enforcement agencies.

      Priority Two Responses:  Calls received pertaining to injured dogs or cats.  Animal cruelty related calls pertaining to animal(s) in danger of escalating to a Priority One response. 

  • Priority Calls - Others

    • What is a PRIORITY call that will receive a response during regular business hours of the Animal Control office.

      Priority Three Response:  Calls pertaining to stray dogs or cats, that have been contained, confined, tied or held in humane trapping cages.  All other calls pertaining to animal cruelty, abuse or neglect.

      Priority Four Response:  Calls pertaining to stray dogs or cats roaming freely.

      Priority Five Responses:  Calls pertaining to code violations involving privately owned animals.

      Priority Six Responses:  Calls pertaining to request for setting trapping cages, from the public.  Investigation involving stray livestock, held or trespassing on private property.   

      Priority Seven Responses:  Calls pertaining to request for removal of dead dogs or cats on city roadways.

  • Rodents

    • Does Animal Control handle rats?

      Rodent problems are best handled by professional pest control companies.
  • Wildlife Animals

    • What can I do with a trapped raccoon?

      Please contact Florida Fish & Wildlife at 800-404-3922 for proper handling of the raccoon.