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All documents are in Adobe Acrobat format (pdf) through repository for the agendas, minutes and results. These Ordinances have been adopted unless noted in RED.  To view a specific Ordinance, please click on the following links:

Ord 1532-E, Emergency Sandy Beach Closure
Ord 1531-E, Emergency Code Enforcement Authority
Ord 1530
Ord 1529, Amending Beach Bonfire Regulations         DRAFT
Ord 1528, Modification of Towing Rates.     FAILED at First Reading 6-11-20
Ord 1527, Residential Parking Decal Program      
Ord 1526, City Advisory Board Governance
Ord 1525
Ord 1524, Firefighters Pension Plan Amendment Related to Cancer      
Ord 1523, Genl Employee Pension Charter Officer Vesting Amendment
Ord 1522
Ord 1521-E, Emergency Beach Activity Safety Standards
Ord 1520-E, Emergency Sandy Gulf Beach Temporary Restrictions 
Ord 1519-E,
COVID-19 Temporary Beach Closure
Ord 1518
Ord 1517, Special Event Services
Ord 1516, Gulf Power Franchise     
Ord 1515, Podium Standards
Ord 1514,
R-3 Setbacks
Ord 1513,
Updating Capital Improvements Schedule
Ord 1512,
St Joe Four Corners Rezoning
Ord 1511,
St. Joe Four Corners Large-Scale Comp Plan Amendment
Ord 1510,
St. Joe Pier Park East Rezoning
Ord 1509,
St. Joe Pier Park East Large-Scale Comprehensive Plan Amendment
Ord 1508,
Community Meetings
Ord 1507,
Placement of Inflatable Amusements on the Sandy Gulf Beach
Ord 1506,
Carr Zoning
Ord 1505,
Carr Comprehensive Plan Amendment
Ord 1504,
Carr Annexation
Ord 1503,
Changing Council Meeting Place
Ord 1502,
Neighborhood Parks
Ord 1501,
Business Tax Reporting
Ord 1499,
Setting Maximum Rates and Standardizing Notice Procedures for Non-Ad Valorem Assessments
Ord 1498, Community Redevelopment Agency Assessments
Ord 1497,
Personal Flotation Devices
Ord 1496,
Prohibiting Illicit Discharges Into City MS4
Ord 1495,
Annual Rate Ordinance For Sewer And Reclaimed Water
Ord 1494,
Beach Safety
Ord 1493,
Special Event Municipal Services
Ord 1492,
Repealing LDC Regulation of Cannabis Dispensaries
Ord 1491
, Amending LDC Relating to Hospitals
Ord 1490, Amending LDC Regarding Telecommunication Facilities in the Right-of-Way
Ord 1488, Amending Chapter 25, Code Enforcement Process      
Ord 1487, Annual Update of Capital Improvements Schedule       
Ord 1486, Amending LDC Clarifying Variance Appeals      
Ord 1485, Amending LDC Related to Parking Changes       
Ord 1484, Confirming LSV Cap,      
Ord 1483, Amending Coastal Mgmt Element of Comp Plan, Sea Level Rise     
Ord 1482, Charter Amendment Re Civil Service Board Powers
Ord 1481, St Joe Rezoning     
Ord 1480,
St Joe Large Scale Comp Plan Amendment   
Ord 1479, Amending LDC Re Traditional Neighborhood Overlay Districts
Ord 1478, Amend Ch 19 Related to Prohibiting Utilities on the S Side of Scenic Corridors      
Ord 1477, Amending LDC Related to Underground Utilities in Scenic Corridors        
Ord 1476, Changing Variance Process           DRAFT---REPLACED BY ORDINANCE 1486
Ord 1475, Amending LDC, Repealing Availability of Height Incentives        
Ord 1474, Bay Parkway & North Pier Park Dr Scenic Corridors      
Order 03-RZ-18, Approval of Sundial Street Rezoning

Ord 1473, Sundial Street Rezoning      
Ord 1472, Sundial Street Small Scale Comp Plan Amendment        
Ord 1471, Parks & Recreation Board Membership              
Ord 1470, Moratorium on Accepting Applications for Height Incentives        
Ord 1469, Building Maintenance Standards       
Ord 1468, Sewer & Reclaimed Water Rate Increase       
Ord 1467, Water & Sewer Impact Fees       
Ord 1466
Ord 1465, Residential Garbage Collection
Ord 1464, Signs on the Sandy Beach        
Ord 1463, Prohibiting Loitering & Other Certain Activities at Public Transit Shelters     
Ord 1462
Ord 1461, Amending LDC Regarding Amusements     DID NOT GO FORWARD
Ord 1460, Updating Chapter 12 Relating to Garbage & Trash        
Ord 1459, Prohibiting Semitrailers & Truck Tractor Parking on Unpaved ROW     
Ord 1458, Amending LDC Related to Transient Residential Rental Signage         
Ord 1457, Amending LDC Rel to Landscaping Req for Vehicular Use Areas of NonConforming Uses    
Ord 1456, Amending LDC Related to Conditional Uses Termination       
Ord 1455, Amending LDC Related to Commercial Vehicles in Residential Districts  FAILED 6-14-18
Ord 1454, Amending LDC Relating to Window Signs        
Ord 1453, Painting of Boards                 
Ord 1452, Updating Chapter 25 Relating to Code Enforcement           
Ord 1451, Updated Impact Fees               
Ord 1450, Amending LDC Related to PUD Master Plan Amendments & Invalidation Process         
Ord 1449, Amending LDC Regarding Parking Lot and Parking Garage Setbacks         
Ord 1448, Amending Charter Regarding Competitive Bidding Per Annum        
Ord 1447, Amending General Employees Pension Plan Regarding Vice-Chairman                    
Ord 1446, Amending LDC Regarding Low Density Residential to Single Family Residential       
Ord 1445, Amending Police Officers Pension Plan Regarding Normal Retirement Date            
Ord 1444, Fire Service Assessment Ordinance                                            
Ord 1443, Amending LDC Related to Large Site Development Applications            
Ord 1442, Annual Update of Capital Improvements Schedule                    
Ord 1441, Accessory Structures                    
Ord 1440, Charter Amendment City Manager Residency           DID NOT GO FORWARD
Ord 1439, Charter Amendment Easement Swap                           
Ord 1438, Charter Amendment Piggybacking                             
Ord 1437, Surface Parking Standards                                          
Ord 1436, Relocation of 257 Lullwater Drainage Easement   WITHDRAWN
Ord 1435, Amending LDC Regarding Prohibited Uses in FBO         DID NOT GO FORWARD
Ord 1434, Revision of Roads on Which Golf Carts Can Travel
Ord 1433, Camping on the Beach     
Ord 1432, Amending LDC Underground Utilities         DID NOT GO FORWARD
Ord 1431, Mispreresenting Residency             FAILED by Majority Vote, 9-14-17
Ord 1430, Small Cell Wireless Facilities in Public ROW Ordinance       
Ord 1429, Front Yard Setbacks for Lawn Developments in FBO Districts         
Ord 1428, Updating Sign Code with Appendix       
Ord 1427, New/Used Car Lots on PCB Parkway                Did not go forward
Ord 1426, Amending LDC Revising Podium Standards in FBO-1 District     
Ord 1425, Amending LDC Regarding Outdoor Displays  
Ord 1424, 2017-2018 Water,Sewer,Reclaimed Water Rate Increase     
Ord1423, ORDER for Ordinance 1423,Hombre Golf Club Rezoning 01-RZ-18

Ord 1423, Hombre Golf Club Rezoning   
Ord 1422, Hombre Golf Club Comp Plan Amendment 
Ord 1421- ORDER for Ordinance 1421 Bay Parkway Zoning, 01-ZN-18    
Ord 1421, Bay Parkway Rezoning   
Ord 1420, Bay Parkway Comp Plan Amendment    
Ord 1419, Amending Police Officers Pension Plan Regarding Benefit Improvements       
Ord 1418, Fortuna Investments Rezoning   
Ord 1417, Fortuna Investments Comp Plan Amendment     
Ord 1416, Amortization of Scooter Rentals         
Ord 1415, Prohibiting Overnight Scooter Rentals  
Ord 1414, Parking in Yards & ROW    DID NOT GO FORWARD
Ord 1413, Regulation of Medical Marijuana Dispensaries     
Ord 1412, Bay Parkway Annexation    
Emergency Scooter Ordinance.       Failed 4-13-17 meeting
Ord 1411, Beach Fire Ordinance  
Ord 1410, Amending LDC Regarding Change to Non- Conforming Development Review  
Ord 1409, Transportation Network Company Vehicles For Hire    
Ord 1408, Changing Meeting Dates    Pulled from 2-9-17 meeting-Did not go forward
Ord 1407, Trespass on Public Property  
Ord 1406, Amending LDC Regarding Permanent Buildings  
Ord 1405, Amending LDC Regarding Parking in the FBO-1 District       
Ord 1404, Low Speed Vehicle Regulations  Did not go forward
Ord 1403, Golf Carts after Dark    Did not go forward
Ord 1402, Amending Chapter 15 for Carport Regulations  
Ord 1401, Establishing Foreclosure Registration Program    
Ord 1400, Medical Marijuana Dispensing Facilities Moratorium     
Ord 1399, Amending Ordinance 1388, Extending Low Speed Vehicle Moratorium   
Ord 1398,  Low Speed Vehicle Regulation    
Ord 1397, Annual Update of Capital Improvements Schedule   
Ord 1396, Pending Ordinance Doctrine Codification  
Ord 1395, Requiring Electronic Plans-- Not moved forward yet 12/7/16
Ord 1394, Maintenance of Communication Cables within the ROW     
Ord 1393, Changing Meeting Times  

Ord 1392, Amending LDC Regarding Planning Board    FAILED at 12/8/16 Meeting--NOT ADOPTED
Ord 1391, City Treasurer   
Ord 1390, Gulf Power Franchise Fees    Replaced by Ord 1516
Ord 1389-R, Establishing Canopy Free Zone    NOT ADOPTED
Ord 1389, Tents Regulations  -----NOT ADOPTED------
Ord 1388, Low Speed Vehicles Moratorium & Regulations     
Ord 1387, Amending Leave No Trace Ordinance ---NOT ADOPTED
Ord 1386.
Finding of Facts & Final Order
Ord 1386, ReliantSouth Construction Group Zoning     
Ord 1385, ReliantSouth Construction Group Comp Plan Amendment   
Ord 1384, ReliantSouth Construction Group Annexation     
Ord 1383, Amending & Readopting Chapter 8 Buildings & Bldg Regulations  
Ord 1382
Not moved forward
Ord 1381, Withdrawn
Ord 1380  Request withdrawn- did not proceed
Ord 1379
, Special Events Ordinance   
Ord 1378, Requiring ID on Person for Immediate Presentation if Possessing Alcohol  
Ord 1377, Parking on Front Beach Road Shoulder- Defining After Dark  
Ord 1376, Amending LDC Regarding Height Incentives     DRAFT
Ord 1375. Finding of Facts and Final Order
Ord 1375, Bennett Pledger Zoning  
Ord 1374,
Bennett Pledger Comp Plan Amendment   
Ord 1373, 
Bennett Pledger Annexation    
Ord 1372, 
Capital Improvements Update  
Ord 1371, Special Events Late Application Penalties- withdrawn- replaced by Ordinance 1379
Ord 1370, Amending LDC Regarding Pier Park Overlay District   
Ord 1369, Gulf Front Short Term Rentals Re R-1C Zoning 
Ord 1368, Amended & Restated Floodplain Management Ordinance
Ord 1367, Amend LDC Clarifying Applications for Large Conditional Use/ Stand-Alone Towers 
Ord 1366, Amend LDC Front Yards in Front Beach Road Overlay District    
Ord 1365, Amend LDC Maximum Height for an Amusement     
Ord 1364, Amend LDC Supplemental Standards for Duplex,Triplex & Quadplex Bldgs  
Ord 1363,
 Amending General Employees' Retirement Plan Ordinance      
Ord 1362, Amending Police Officers' Retirement Plan Ordinance    
Ord 1361, Amending Firefighters' Retirement Plan Ordinance     
Ord 1360, Short Term Vacation Rental     DRAFT --Did not move forward
Ord 1359, Special Events       
Ord 1358, Highland Land Company Rezoning   
Ord 1357, Shalimar Holdings LLC Rezoning     
Ord 1356, 2015 Water, Sewer, Reuse Rate Increase    
Ord 1355, Increasing the Amount of Civil Penalties for Open Containers Violations     
Ord 1354  On hold
Ord 1353, Prohibiting Alcohol on the Sandy Gulf Beach During March     
Ord 1352, Prohibiting Balcony Climbing   
Ord 1351-L, Limiting Scooters            
Ord 1350, Parking Lots Closed or Managed   
Ord 1349, Prohibiting Parking in the Right-of-Way in Scenic Corridors After Dark     
Ord 1348, Prohibiting Drinking in Commercial Parking Lots During March      
Ord 1347, Alcohol Hours of Sale During March        
Ord 1346, Hours of Alcohol Sales    
Ord 1345-E, Emergency Spring Break Ordinance
Ord 1344, Woodstock Church Small Scale Rezoning         
Ord 1343, Woodstock Church Small Scale Comp Plan Amendment      
Ord 1342, Dellwood Properties, Inc., Rezoning 
Ord 1341, 2015 Water Supply Plan Update   
Ord 1340, Amending LDC Re FBO Setbacks & Stories 

Ord 1339. Special Event Application Deadlines 
Ord 1338. Prohibiting Dune Walkovers-DENIED
Ord 1337. Scooter Ordinance Findings
Ord 1336. Beach Sand Special Events Supplemental Ord Exceptions
Ord 1335, Amending LDC Regarding Commercial Use of Front Yards
Ord 1334. Amending LDC Re; Fences & Walls
Ord 1333, Amend LDC Regarding Setbacks for Swimming Pools Enclosed with Screening  
Ord 1332, Amending LDC Re Site Design Standards R2 Zoning
Ord 1331, Amending LDC Regarding Parking Lot Surfaces
Ord 1330,Amending Flag Definitions
Ord 1329, Amending LDC Re Group C Setbacks
Ord 1328. Amending LDC Regarding Appeals Procedures
Ord 1327   Did not proceed
Ord 1326, Capital Improvements Schedule Update
Ord 1325, Prohibit E-Cigarettes on City Property, Failed for Lack of Second
Ord 1324, Amending LDC Notice Requirements
Ord 1323, Amending Firefighters Pension Ordinance Re Member Contributions
Ord 1322, Sandy Beach Special Events
Ord 1321, Requiring IDs on the Sandy Beach
Ord 1320, Hours of Alcohol Sales
Ord 1319, Council Compensation
Ord 1318,  Water Sewer Reclaimed Water Rates FY14-15
Ord 1317, Vehicle Signs
Ord 1316, Screening of Trash Receptacles on Front Beach Road
Ord 1315, Repeal Flag requirements for Scooters
Ord 1314R, Amending November & December Council Meeting Dates
Ord 1313, Amending Chapter 28, Nuisance Abatement Assessments
Ord 1312, Scooter Liability Insurance
Ord 1311, Peddling & Solicitation
Ord 1310, Vehicle Scooter Rentals Regarding Vests & Flags
Ord 1309, Sleeping at the Ponds---NEVER PRESENTED TO COUNCIL
Ord 1308,  Amending LDC Regarding Bonds
Ord 1307, Amending Police Pension Plan Regarding Finances & Fund Mgmt
Ord 1306, Amending Genl Employee Pension Plan Re Finances & Fund Mgmt
Ord 1305, Amending Fire Pension Plan Re: Finances & Fund Mgmt
Ord 1304, LDC Grandfathering
Ord 1303, Public Congestion at Beach Accesses
Ord 1302, Prohibit Alcohol at City-Owned Ponds & Stormwater Ponds
Ord 1301, Revised Chapter 7, Beaches Boats & Water Safety

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